A personal documentary about the power of telling the truth.

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What defines our identity, our family of origin or the family that raises us? How do we come to terms with the sins and mistakes of our parents? Lacey discovers that answering those questions means understanding her parents’ own stories as well as her own. She pieces together her family history and the story of her dual identity using home videos, archival footage, interviews, and episodes from her own life. Little White Lie is a personal documentary about the legacy of family secrets, denial, and the power of telling the truth.


The Truth Circle Game


Created with the goal of driving deep discussions following screenings of the film Little White Lie, the Truth Circle Game is an interactive card game.

The Truth Circle Game card deck comes in a box with 14 large playing cards and a corresponding booklet, and is a great way for small to small to medium sized groups to share and connect with key themes from the film, including complex identities, family dynamics, and personal discovery. Order a Truth Circle Game deck here.

 The Truth Circle Game is also an interactive 6 card online game, which allows individuals to share their own truths, read, and engage others in the Little White Lie community. Play the online Truth Circle Game here.


The Discussion

an open dialogue around issues of
family secrets, denial, race and identity.

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A film about dual identity, race and family secrets.